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        Welcome to EES Cosmetic Solutions

        EES Cosmetic Solutions is an industry leader by being innovative and consistent. Since 2000, we have represented manufacturers in the cosmetic, personal care, and household industries. We believe our role is to connect our principals' products with our customers’ ever changing needs, so that both thrive within their respective industries. At EES, we are committed to success for our principals and our customers.

        What's New @ EES

        Relational — Innovative — Results

        Through proprietary processes and systems, we strive for effectiveness and efficiencies that accelerate our business purpose. The EES Team exceeds our customers’ and principals' expectations by being professional, reliable, honest, disciplined and transparent. We proudly represent global industry leaders who have earned the most strict industry certifications; ISO, Kosher, Organic and cGMP; we work with Principals who are interested in partnerships not business relationships.

        Principals & Products

        See what our customers and partners are saying about EES Cosmetic Solutions

        Always ready and available to answer your questions

        "Industry leaders delivering world class results for our customers and having fun doing it"


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